I am a professional logistician and I have longstanding working experience with China. So, I will provide you with quality logistic support for your business in China, as well as different logistics supply chain solutions. And I recommend all my clients to formalize relationships with the Chinese suppliers and not to rely on a bit of luck as many novice businessmen beginning to cooperate with China unfortunately do. Before you start cooperating with the Chinese suppliers you have to conclude a contract despite the supply chain, which should provide the delivery terms, goods quality and deadlines. Otherwise, timing and quality issues can be construed by the Chinese with quite arbitrary interpretation. It is necessary to draw up the contract specifications, which should provide in detail all the characteristics of the item to be delivered that will help you to avoid misunderstandings with the Chinese partners. Representing your interests and based on my experience, I can recommend you the best solution that would protect your interests the most.

After the consignment is manufactured you have to receive further information about the quality of the product and control the consignment shipment. I provide my customers with this service for free under the service contract. At the end of each inspection a qualified report should be written, it should reflect the name and type of the product being shipped, its packaging size and appearance, storage conditions of the product, the number of damaged items, and other information you want to receive. I also provide my clients with:

  • Pre-shipment inspection of the container
  • Pre-shipment inspection for control over the number of goods
  • Pre-shipment inspection for control over the quality of goods
  • Control over cargo stowing, location and securing
  • A photo report

In case there are any questions on the quality of the products during the shipment I will contact you immediately for further instructions. According to the client`s needs, various ways of verification, shipment control and processing of documents for export from China are possible.

Prices for representative services


Once having signed a contract, which will spell out all the conditions of our cooperation, you get a permanent Representative in China and understandable fixed payment for his services. Also I would like to pay your attention to the fact that due to high overheads when delivering goods from China (transport service, customs clearance, certification), I do not recommend my clients to buy the consignment of less than 20 000 USD in the same shipment.

I wish you good luck and prosperity!